May 26, 2017

Opera Plus (Prague, CZ)

Milan Bátor

Von Oeyen’s Saint-Saëns Concerto No.2 was colorful and a series of incredibly fast passages were played with splendid perfection and fabulous insight. His excellent, intelligent communication with the conductor and the orchestra was also a unique interplay as well as his balancing of piano dynamics with the orchestra. For a while, I had the feeling that I did not hear a solo instrument, but two orchestras that happily complement each other. Andrew von Oeyen combines the qualities of Svjatoslav Richter with a huge range of dynamic range and energetic expansion. The sense of musical poetry and the extraordinary technical equipment of the type of Vladimir Horowitz was demonstrated in a natural, unpretentious expression; he was completely immersed in the Saint-Saëns concerto. On his interpretation, I also appreciate the great rhythmic feeling, precision and the wonderfully mature rubato that was perfectly thought out. The performance of this pianist at Janáček’s May was a pure, unique experience.

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