April 17, 2019

Opera Plus (Prague, CZ)

Svatava Barancicova

The highlight of the beautiful dramaturgy was Gershwin's Piano Concerto in F, performed by pianist Andrew von Oeyen of German-Dutch origin. A handsome and elegant musician, he works regularly with the PKF-Prague Philharmonia. Last year they released a CD with French authors. Oeyen completely conquered the audience already in the first movement - after her first thunderous applause (true, the sentence ends so triumphantly that no wonder). Oeyen plays vigorously, but with great grace, she has a velvety light-crafted stroke and clear sober pedalization. It is a contagious appetite, it increases the pace, it plays with syncope, the technical elements are not a topic for it. Technically, he has no limitations and focuses on expression. Also, the orchestra enjoyed great jazz solos (trumpet, oboe, flute, pretty clarinets). The conductor Newman led him with a certain and legible gesture and, as well as the soloist Andrew von Oeyen, he was delighted with the success of the Prague audience.

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